Child Care in San Antonio

Child Care in San AntonioChildren are like apple blossoms on a tree; they sprout and develop ever so quickly.

Exceptional Child Care in San Antonio

At AppleTree Day School in San Antonio, families receive exceptional child care in an educating and nurturing environment. A child’s early foundation is crucial to so many aspects of their life, and at AppleTree, daily activities are designed to initiate healthy development and self-discovery through play, music, art, literacy, and much more. The professional directors, teachers, and caregivers at AppleTree Day School in San Antonio, are highly trained people who enjoy spending time with children and respect their individuality. 

Children grow rapidly both physically and mentally, and we understand that the first few years of a child’s life is when the greatest amount of brain development occurs. It is very important to this cognitive development that children receive early opportunities to discover. Child care providers spend a great deal of time with children, and so they are obviously in a position to be guiding influences in their young lives. At AppleTree, we focus on the whole child as a learning, changing person from infancy on through each stage of childhood.

A child’s brain is capable of making countless connections early on in life. It is important for these initial learning experiences to enrich a child’s developing brain. By actively observing a child’s progress, it is possible for trained child care providers to know for example when an individual might need extra attention in a specific developmental area. The staff at AppleTree Day School provide a large variety of activities to engage and increase children’s’ experiences. Careful planning and following general schedules help give children a feeling of well being.

At AppleTree Day School, children spend their day in a happy and secure environment where experts are responsible for child care and for the equally important job of teaching children from six weeks of age to 12 years old. The programs for each age level are designed to provide children the opportunities to learn and discover new skills and concepts. As they grow, children enjoy physical recreation and creative free choice activities. As their minds continue to develop, children learn how to build healthy relationships with teachers and peers.

Children are curious little people who deserve to receive the highest quality child care education. AppleTree Day School in San Antonio provides a level of care that includes a safe and positive environment and one that gives children a special place of their own where they can develop confidence and learn through discovering the world around them.

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